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When was the last time you traveled to a foreign place? About a year ago, I started thinking about different ways to enjoy new cities without the fear of being attacked or robbed, so I began focusing more and more on learning what I needed to before I headed out. It was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to do a little reading before I boarded a plane, and I have to be honest, some travel tips have saved me more than once. I wanted to make an easy-to-read website about touring new cities safely, so I made this blog.


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3 Tips For Your First ATV Tour

When visiting a new area, an ATV tour is an excellent way to explore your surroundings while enjoying a memorable ride. If you've never ridden on an ATV, either as a driver or passenger, you may not know exactly how you should position yourself during the ride or what you need to do to prepare for your tour. Keep reading for tips to follow to make sure you have a fantastic time on your first ATV tour. 

1. Dress Appropriately for the Ride

Prior to your tour, take a few moments to make sure you dress appropriately for your outing. Make sure that all your clothes are close-fitting so that they don't snag on nearby branches. When you're riding on the ATV, it's common for the area near the engine to generate heat and cause the ATV to feel warm to the touch. Protect your legs by wearing long pants. Some individuals like long-sleeved shirts so they're shielded from bugs, sun, and debris, but this isn't a necessity. 

Stick with closed-toe shoes that you can comfortably walk in. This will provide protection for your feet if you accidentally stub your toe on the ATV or come into contact with a bit of debris or mud during your ride. 

A helmet is a necessity for any ATV ride. Fortunately, most tour companies provide helmets for their clients to wear. If you have long hair, you'll likely find that it's more comfortable wearing a helmet if you tie your hair back. 

Don't forget your sun protection! Most tours last for at least a few hours, and you may spend additional time at each stop on your tour. Apply sunscreen, and bring along a pair of sunglasses.

2. Be Easy with the Acceleration

If you'll be driving the ATV, see that you limit the amount of pressure you use when accelerating. A small press of the acceleration lever goes a long way when it comes to increasing the speed of your ATV. Make sure that you stick with lower speeds until you understand how the ATV responds to acceleration and get used to driving and steering it. 

3. Watch Where You Put Your Feet

You may wonder where you should place your feet during your ATV tour. Avoid letting your feet dangle off the ATV, as this increases your chances of them getting caught on the ground. Instead, check that you firmly plant your feet on the ATV. Depending on the model that you're riding, you'll either have foot pegs or running boards that give you a designated spot to rest your feet.