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When was the last time you traveled to a foreign place? About a year ago, I started thinking about different ways to enjoy new cities without the fear of being attacked or robbed, so I began focusing more and more on learning what I needed to before I headed out. It was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to do a little reading before I boarded a plane, and I have to be honest, some travel tips have saved me more than once. I wanted to make an easy-to-read website about touring new cities safely, so I made this blog.


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4 Advantages Of Charter Bus Transportation For Large Family Trips

If you have a large extended family, a family vacation offers a lot of opportunities for fun and travel together. Instead of having everyone in the family travel separately for the trip, you can arrange for charter bus transportation. A charter bus comes with many advantages and could turn into a new tradition for the whole family.

1. Pick-Up Options

In many cases, family members may be located in different locations, including different states. With chartered bus transportation, a majority of the family can meet at a bus depot location with extended parking options. You also have the option to arrange for the pick-up of specific family members.

For example, if a family member lives halfway between the starting point and the destination, then you can arrange for a pick-up along the way. Family members can save a lot on gas and transportation using the pick-up option.

2. Arrival Times

When you arrange a large group gathering, you can run into a lot of delays and issues if everyone drives separately. With everyone riding on a chartered bus, you do not need to worry about people showing up late, getting lost, or missing key events.

If you book specific events like a restaurant reservation, you do not need to worry about losing your reservation spot because of late arrivals. The same applies to hotel check-ins. Everyone will get to their room at the same time, and you can make the most out of your family trip.

3. Group Discounts

When you plan a large family trip, you have the opportunity to nab a lot of group discounts. You may find dining discounts, amusement park discounts, or live event discounts. The savings will add up over time and make a big difference in the overall cost of the vacation.

When a bus pulls up to a destination, the group coordinator will hand out all the tickets in one package so no one needs to worry about losing tickets. The trip will remain more organized, especially with everyone on the bus together.

4. Luggage Storage

If you pack families into vehicles, you would often find limited space for luggage. One of the biggest advantages of a charter bus is the luggage compartment. The underside of the bus includes a lot of open space to hold suitcases, bags, and extras like strollers. The whole family can bring everything they need and keep all of the items organized.

With a little planning, a charter bus can go a long way in helping you plan a memorable time on a large family vacation.