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When was the last time you traveled to a foreign place? About a year ago, I started thinking about different ways to enjoy new cities without the fear of being attacked or robbed, so I began focusing more and more on learning what I needed to before I headed out. It was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to do a little reading before I boarded a plane, and I have to be honest, some travel tips have saved me more than once. I wanted to make an easy-to-read website about touring new cities safely, so I made this blog.


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Four Reasons to Take your Children on a Wine Tour

Many individuals consider winery tours to be adult activities; however, a winery tour can actually be a terrific outing that the entire family can enjoy. If you are looking for a new place to take your kids, your local winery is an excellent choice. Here are just a few reasons that a winery tour belongs on your list of must-do family outings.

1. Wine Tours Frequently Boast Beautiful Scenery

You don't have to be a certain age to appreciate gorgeous scenery. Wine tours often have numerous picturesque spots, including colorful gardens, lush greenery, and rolling hills. After you complete the wine tour, take advantage of the scenery with a family stroll through the vineyard. You are sure to capture some terrific family photographs that showcase your day and the winery's charming setting.

The wide open spaces of the vineyard are perfect for your kids to stretch their legs and explore their surroundings. Some wineries even have games for their visitors to play, such as cornhole or horseshoes.

2. Children Love to Learn

By nature, children are very inquisitive and like to learn. A wine tour is a fun educational outing that will show your children firsthand the trip that a grape makes from the vineyard to the processing plant where the wine is made. Your children will learn exactly how the winery grows, cultivates, and processes the grapes.

Many wineries also have spots with historical significance. If the vineyard you are visiting has any areas of interest, your tour guide will give your family the scoop as you make your way through the grounds.

3. Many Snacks Served at the Winery Are Great for Kids

Many wineries serve snacks to accompany the wines that visitors sample. These snacks are usually kid-friendly and include such offerings as fresh fruit, cheese, meat slices, crackers, and bread. Your kids can wash their snacks down with a fresh cup of grape juice. The multitude of snacks will quickly appease any complaints of hunger that your children may have.

If you have a picky child or need food that complies with food allergies, you can pack a picnic basket with your child's favorite foods. Your winery likely has numerous spots that are perfect for a picnic lunch.

4. Some Wineries Host Kid-Friendly Events

Check with your preferred winery to see if it hosts any events specifically for children. Many host seasonal festivals that include holiday-themed activities, such as pumpkin carving or an egg hunt. If you are concerned that your children will be the only youngsters at the winery, attending an event specifically designed for families will guarantee that your kids are not the only children there.

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