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When was the last time you traveled to a foreign place? About a year ago, I started thinking about different ways to enjoy new cities without the fear of being attacked or robbed, so I began focusing more and more on learning what I needed to before I headed out. It was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to do a little reading before I boarded a plane, and I have to be honest, some travel tips have saved me more than once. I wanted to make an easy-to-read website about touring new cities safely, so I made this blog.


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A Quick Guide to Food Tours & Drinks

A food tour gives you the chance to explore all kinds of food flavors and delicious options within a specific area. When you go on a food tour, your main focus will be on the food, but you also want to consider the drinks you have along the way. Follow this quick guide to learn about drink options and good choices while you embark on a food tour.

Water & Hydration

When you take a private food tour, a majority of the transportation from restaurant to restaurant will likely include walking. You could easily get dehydrated with the walking and expanded time out for the food tour. Water provides one of the best drink options for your food tour. Water will keep you hydrated and help rinse out foods so you feel refreshed and ready for more food.

Water also has no sugars and calories, so you do not load up on excess intake along with the food you eat.

Milk and Clean Palettes

As part of the food tour, you may try a wide range of flavors and spices. If you want to clean the palette before your next meal, then consider a small glass of milk. Milk will help remove the spicy taste from your mouth and allow you to enjoy each separate plate of food as intended.

Milk can also help hydrate your body and keep you refreshed throughout the tour. Less than half a glass of milk per meal will typically provide enough fluids to really cleanse the palette without filling you up.

Avoid Strong Drinks

When you eat different foods, you want to take in all the unique flavors. You should avoid strong drinks that could take away from those flavors. Try not to drink any alcohol or drinks like coffee. The strong drinks may mess with your palette. You want to avoid all hot drinks as well. You do not want coffee or tea burning your taste buds and impacting the food you eat.

Save any of the extra drinks for the end of your food tour. After you've tried all of the foods, you can celebrate the fun trip with your favorite drink options.

Not only can you use these tips for your own enjoyment, but you can spread the tips to others who go on your food tour trip. With a little extra planning, you will get the full enjoyment out of the experience and can use the tips for any food tour you book in the future.